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This is so beautifully put, it makes me grin from ear to ear. THANK YOU.


But for goodness sake learn to ride a bicycle after a while - don't just title your portfolio "Tricycle Expert".

Goodness, you just described a good 2/3 of the industry!

To put this in even more relative terms, don't bind yourself to abstractions. I make a point to always know what's going on under the hood of any abstraction I use - language, library, framework, toolkit, whatever - and to be flexible enough to move from one abstraction to another.

And yes, that means I eventually work my way down to a basic understanding of Assembly. If you're not willing to touch there at some stage in your career, you're in the wrong field. ;) [But, by all means, take 20 years to get there if it takes you that long.]


Thank you very much for the kind words!

Agreed on going lower into the tech stack. It's not mandatory, but it'll help you understand how it all comes together. It comes especially handy when doing serious optimizations.

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