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Allow me to explain...

Sure it's popular, but just about every teenager who wants to be a coder knows it. The job market is oversaturated with Javascript-only coders. Even many of its fans admit that it is a poorly designed language with a Frankenstein-like ecosystem. To me, Javascript is the worst possible tool for almost any job (yes, I know, I'm drawing a lot of critical stares by saying that). In short, Javascript's popularity is due to its popularity, meaning it is liable to fall out of favor as quickly as it gained it.

Before you get out your torches and pitchforks, let me point out that I'm not objected to others using Javascript if they really think it's a good idea. I could be wrong (lets talk in 10 years), or else it's just a matter of letting the fad run its course. (Anyone remember Shockwave Flash websites?)

While I don't mind having a working proficiency - there are many tiny HTML/CSS-related tasks that Javascript has always been decently well-fitted for - I have a fundamental objection to ever learning or using modern JS. That, of course, means I have no intention to ever learn React, Node.JS, or any of the hundreds of mayfly libraries for the language. To me, learning anything related to JS is time better spent learning literally any other platform.

(In other news, Ruby and Django are squarely on my list of languages TO learn!)

As to other things I am not interested in, here's a short list:

  • IoT: it was always a bad idea.
  • VR: looks cool, just not interested.
  • Blockchain: useful for about 1% of projects that use it, none of which are interesting to me. Laughably ill-suited fad for the other 99%.
  • (Most) Big Data: Hey, I'm a privacy advocate. This would be like Luke Skywalker taking a desk job aboard the Death Star.

I'm still on the fence about machine learning. I won't say "never", simply because it may fit into some future game ideas, but it isn't on my list at the moment.

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