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I do a few things:

  • Walk away. I'll go check the mail, take a brief stroll, rehearse piano, go unload the dishwater...anything that isn't at the computer. The short break helps me brain get past the speed bump.

  • Switch music. I'm probably mentally stuck on the current style, and need something different.

  • Refill. A hot, fresh mug of coffee or herbal tea sometimes helps me to "reset".

  • Change scenery. When I'm feeling especially stale, I'll find a different environment. I have a few distinct workspaces around here, or else I might walk down to the neighborhood café or library. Lacking that option, I'll put on some ambient sound (I love Noisli).

  • Accept it and move on. Sometimes I just can't work on a particular project right then, and I need to do something else for a while. When I come back later, I'm usually able to get unstuck and move on.

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