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I received a great question through PM worth sharing.

I am student of computer science...I am confused which field to select as my specialisation. Can you help me which programming language should I go for. If I pick Java what is important to know in this field as a Java developer?

It actually isn't that important to "select" a specialization right away. It isn't uncommon for developers to select one later in their career, after they've had the opportunity to try different things.

The same is true of doesn't matter that much which one you start with. Find one you like and learn it! If you learn you need to know another language, learn that one as well. Many developers know multiple languages.

Right now, you should focus your attention on mastering the general skills you'll need: programming basics, paradigms (object-oriented, functional, and generic programming especially), debugging skills, algorithms, data structures, design patterns, math skills, communication. You'll need these skills regardless of your specialty.

Some day, you'll find some specific thing (or even multiple things) that you deeply enjoy in programming, and that will probably become your specialty. It may even wind up being something you'd never thought of!

For now, just enjoy the ride.

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