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Discussion on: The Dark Side Of The Magic

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Jason C. McDonald Author

I'd simply say that C and C++ have two entirely different applications. (I know 'em both.)

And I never found templates all that scary. Neither did any of my interns. I think that's taste, once again.

On the main topic, though, I agree that if someone puts in the time to master Javascript, that is admirable! Of course, my point (as you already acknowledged, I think), is that too many people use Javascript to avoid mastering programming altogether, and that's a disservice to themselves and the entire industry.

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Damir Franusic

I used templates heavily in one of my projects and never intended to say they were difficult. They are essentially quite easy, but can get quite complex if you add inheritance for example. The most difficult part regarding templates are cryptic and verbose compiler messages. I don't really know if that particular issue has improved or not, since I use C exclusively these days. Nevertheless, I just wanted to say that I understand your point and completely agree with everything you've written in your article.