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Discussion on: What programming best practice do you disagree with?

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

I don't know that I really label any practice as unqualifiedly "terrible," but I don't agree with anything being followed religiously. I tend to disagree with...

  • "No Comments" rule of Clean Coding, although I still advocate all the rules of self-commenting code.

  • TDD in and of itself. I strongly recommend testing, however!

  • Agile, unless one takes the time to determine how the practices fit into the team's workflow. (True of any project management methodology, though.)

  • Auto-generated documentation. I still recommend documentation comments, including Javadoc/Doxygen compliant ones, but I believe documentation should be written by hand.

  • Knee-jerk compliance with Clean Coding, DRY, SOLID, or literally any other coding pratice. These are great in and of themselves, but you have to supply your own common sense.

That said, all of the above have their place! My issue is seldom with the practice; instead, my concern is with a blind, unilateral compliance on those practices.

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Han Mai

couldn't believe more on auto-generated DOC. It's suck sometimes. Make a short code looks never ending. Comment is everywhere.