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In other words, be a human lol. Put yourself in other people's shoes. We are all human. No race or group is superior than the other. At the end of the day, we all die the same, we cry the same, we laugh the same, we fail the same, we triumph same. Accepting diversity comes down to squashing your ego and accepting the fact that you are not that special. Your world view is your world view only. On the other side, that person might look at the world completely different. "Oh I come from a good college, I'm white, I've read more books. As a human, I'm worth more than you" - that's an illusion. That person that has read zero books on their life and perhaps looks poor and underserved .. probably has a happy family, zero sickness and probably has more common sense than some person from Harvard. I've seen plenty of stuck up idiots with fancy degrees. My advice to you? Get out in the world. Don't let the color of your skin determine who you are and how you will act(this goes for everyone). Be humble, travel the world. Get to know other cultures and embrace difference. Get out of your bubble.


Well said! But the sad truth is most people won't giving up privilege once they have it, and regard it as an advantage of survival in society, hence they gradually becoming an advocate of the privilege and toxic to underprivileged groups in order to uphold their advantage.


I'd say that it isn't about 'giving up privilege' as much as it is about using it to help others. Its about speaking to people who identify with you and helping them to see value in the people who are different regardless of what that difference is. End game is for thag privilege to not exist, but in the mean time those who have it should make an effort to give voice to those who don't.

That's a good point. Here comes the interesting part, why don't the privileges promote equality in order to resolve the above-mentioned issues? Isn't it more effective and better?

You are 100% correct. I would fully expect the 'using it to help others' to be promoting equality.


most people won't giving up privilege once they have it

I have researched this, and it's surprisingly well studied, although the researchers do what they can to keep the findings clean of the taint of public opinion. The demographics are not what I expected.

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