re: How long do you spend learning to code? VIEW POST

re: I don't think I'll ever stop learning, seeing as how our field evolves so rapidly. Each year something new comes out that's worth taking a look at....

I learned html and css but im not a master at it either. I am currently learning some javascript. Would you recommend a backend language after or learning about Angular or React


I think it depends on what your goals are. A lot of people just like to become frontend web developers, which is a perfectly legitimate career choice. Others eventually want to get into full-stack development, working with both the frontend as well as the backend.

If you're already down the path of learning frontend development, I would maybe expand your skills in that area first. I would most certainly go out and try Angular or React, or even a different frontend framework that you're curious in such as Ember or Vue.

Once you're feeling comfortable with that, you can look into developing backends to serve your applications!

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