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Discussion on: The Power of Pure HTTP – screen share, real-time messaging, SSH and VNC

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Ilya Nevolin

Wonderful, I love all of this!

Remote control for a Windows machine would a great addition though, not sure how realistic that would be to implement, guess I'll have to use Teamviewer/AnyDeks for now.

Another thing that spikes my interest is SSH in the browser, but I'm using key pairs instead of user:pass method, is that possible with this?

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For SSH in the browser, yes, it is possible to use SSH keys. I support both methods in File Tracker:

It uses a combination of (WebSocket-based):

And the beta async support from:

To provide two-way, async communication with a SSH host.

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Pratik Dhaboo

May be we can use robot.js alongside the screen share to transmit mouse and keyboard events.