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Discussion on: Who's looking for open source contributors? (January 31st edition)

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Cody Pearce • Edited

I'd love any contributions to Material Bread, there are a bunch of small improvements, refactoring issues, and new features that need attention. I'm also working on some major upcoming changes if you're interested in bigger projects.

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Cross Platform React Native Material Design Components

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Material Bread

Cross Platform React Native Material Design Components

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  • Highly Customizable React Native Components.
  • Cross platform support: React Native (iOS, Android), React-native-web (Browsers), Electron (Windows, Mac, Linux), react-native-windows, react-native-macos, Next.js, Expo, Vue Native
  • Support for Material Design 2.0 components.
  • Live react native demos you can edit in in your browser.
  • Typescript support

Table of Contents

Quick Start

  1. npm install material-bread or yarn add material-bread
  2. Install and link react-native-vector-icons and react-native-svg
  3. Wrap your root <App> with a <BreadProvider>
  <Root /&gt
  1. Start developing!

Read the getting started guides for your platform to learn more.


The component API docs and curated demos can be found at See the contributing section to learn how to run…

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