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Discussion on: 🌳🚀 CS Visualized: Useful Git Commands

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Cody Pearce

Awesome visualizations as usual!

It's interesting there's a few different syntaxes for selecting a previous commit:

HEAD~2          // previous two commits fro head
HEAD~~         // previous two commits from head
HEAD@{2}     // reflog order
18fe5              // previous commit hash
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Lydia Hallie Author

Good idea to add that! I'm thinking of generally creating a "cheatsheet" format that also covers all that stuff :) Will do in the next one or when I update the format 😄

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toby • Edited on

Came here to comment specifically along these lines - I can never ever remember what the difference between HEAD~2 and HEAD^2 is !

Had completely forgotten about HEAD@{n} syntax :D