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Discussion on: Do Software Developers Hate Marketing?

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Cody Pearce

Great content. Seems like most programming communities are hostile to ads, marketing, and self promotion (at first glance). Also seems like a majority of developers have an ad blocker installed. This led me to believe that developers hate marketing in general, but I've slowly changed my mind due to articles like yours. Maybe developers don't hate marketing, but they do hate low effort marketing (flashy ads, bad sales pitches, blatant promotion without value, dishonest), as you point out. Some really good ideas here, thanks!

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Stephanie Morillo Author

Thank you! And indeed you’re right: on a visceral level, programming communities are hostile to marketing because a lot of the marketing they’d encounter feels fake, forced, and dishonest. That’s why I’m always in awe of the developers who are actually doing marketing but don’t appear to do so. It’s because their marketing angle is one that comes from being authentic and transparent. And that’s refreshing to see. Marketing is just a tool, and like any other tool, it’s only as good or as bad as the intentions of the individuals doing it. Thank you for reading!