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re: Tools I use to make UWP Apps VIEW POST

re: I already give up develop UWP when the documentation is not properly for beginner. Especially if u are new to the Microsoft Ecosystem.

I had a quick look at the documentation and honestly, you're right. It goes from really basic stuff then jumps to intermediate topics really quickly. I wish Microsoft did an official course for absolute beginners like there is for Android.

Anyway, here's what I recommend if you're still interested:

C# Fundamentals for absolute beginners:

Windows 10 for Absolute Beginners Tutorial:

I've spoken with other UWP devs and most of them have started with these two. It's a bit similar to the Android Udacity Course so yeah I highly recommended going through these!


Both of the course already taken and watch. Learning C# is easy but to learn about Microsoft Ecosystem like data binding , observable collection wowwww at that time I just grasp all the things.Anyway it is great experience involving in Microsoft products.

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