Discussion on: Are CSS and HTML programming languages?

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David Skinner

Smalltalk is a language, you only define objects with Smalltalk. With Go you can call C++ or RPC to Python or Haskell. With pure Html5 you can create a form with variables, calculations, evaluation that RPCs to JS or anything on WebAssembly or submits to server. no CSS required.

the other mans job is always easier, a real Html or CSS programmer will blow your socks off with what looks like a simple language. you best respect their expertise.

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Jeremy Forsythe

Smalltalk isn't "only" objects. There are other parts of the language, like message passing, operators, and flow control. HTML is only object definition. It requires something external, like JS or WASM, for the other things. Smalltalk can do it all by itself.

Your assumption that it's the "other man's job" is wrong. I'm a full stack developer and system architect but I also write HTML and CSS by hand. I understand their power and usefulness and don't discount their worth or the worth of specialists in them. But just because they're powerful doesn't make them programming languages.