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Well made point!

But isn't the whole point of a function to abstract a thing that's done frequently in order to avoid copying the code, and making it easier to modify it in one place should changes be necessary?

I'd say I don't care which way it's written, as long as the documentation is clear on what it does, the function name gives me a hint, and I can look at the code once, determine that it's appropriate for my use, and then (the best part!) completely forget about the implementation details.

So in some sense, all of these, and their counter-examples, and the obfuscated code submitted by other commenters, are fine because they get the job done.

And in some sense they are all undocumented FooFunctions that are going to add to the debugging load and the GettingJuniorDevsUpToSpeedOnTheCodeBase time.

And on the other tentacle, it's just a religious style war, or a hazing ritual for the JuniorDevs (unless there's a well documented, properly enforced, company-wide style guide). Bonus points for easy documentation updates so I cay say "I'm using this over here in IncrementalSolarPayback" so any changes to the function will know what might break.

I am not a proper Dev, so feel free to tell me I'm out of line... [But no, I don't buy the code efficiency argument, either throw more CPU at it or write it in assembly. 8*]

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