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re: Plan what to build the next 2 weeks. Develop a product prototype for 2 weeks, in a team of people. Demonstrate the working prototype to other devel...

I agree with most of what you've said, except #2:"Develop a product prototype for 2 weeks".

During the sprint, the development team have to create what is called an increment. As stated in the Scrum Guide, "The Increment is the sum of all the Product Backlog items completed during a Sprint and the
value of the increments of all previous Sprints".

To put it in simpler terms, during at the end of the sprint, the dev team has to deliver a piece of software that is actually functional and is properly integrated with the existing system/functionalities.

A prototype is basically a proof of concept. It's basically something that... sort of works... but isn't meant to be shipped to a customer.


I think we use the term prototype differently.

I am talking about an evolutionary prototype.

You are talking about a throwaway protoype.

To be clear: none of these usages is "right" or "wrong", it's just a different usage of the term.
And if what I say is correct, I completely agree with what you're saying. :)

I was not aware of these 2 different types of prototypes.
Indeed we were thinking of different "prototypes".
If evolutionary prototype is what you meant, then I retract what I said. :)

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