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Discussion on: Dark devlog #1: Fresh start

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David Cooley • Edited

I could say a lot about why I like Dark and what would appeal to me about it if I hadn't tried it, but the main draw is that I constantly have ideas that are not logically complicated, and the reason I don't act on them is because I know by the time I spin up a server, blah blah blah, I will have lost the excitement. This is especially problematic for perfectionists, who are likely going to try to solve things like scaling issues because they've ever even written a line of application logic. There is so much room for simple and effective utility out there that doesn't get done because there is a wall of devops in the way. I love the idea of blasting that out of existence. I think Dark has its own challenges based on where it is in maturation as a product, but it could dramatically change the equation of cost/benefit analysis of back-end implementation. When I watched your video way back and you talked about eliminating accidental complexity I was hooked.

I don't know how you package or market that correctly, but I hope the input is helpful in trying to figure out how to get more people in the net. Maybe you've already done exactly this, but the question that comes to mind for me is "What are people not doing because it just isn't worth the hassle of AWS?"

I like the idea of turning the idea of "no code" solutions into "just code" solutions

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Paul Biggar Author

Love this! I really like this concept of "what aren't you building", might be a nice positioning to try.