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I'd say that the market has a fair amount of jobs regardless if you start with node, golang, java, python, ruby, php etc.

From that list i'd say there's a good starting point to check out

  1. PHP -> PHP: The Right Way and Awesome PHP
  2. Node -> Awesome Node.js
  3. Python -> Awesome Python

I think you get the whole 'awesome programming language here' :)

And as always, since you're talking about backend development learn your SQL, This tutorial from Khan Academy looks like a decent starting point.

Also, you can have a quick peak at Todo Backend a nice complement to the todomvc or Hacker News clones

Thank you, right now I'm working as a junior PHP fullstack Developer, but the focus in backend development is what I want to accomplish. Just a few days ago I took a first sight on node.js even though I couldn't really enjoy the taste of JavaScript in the backend...
Especially the SQL point is something I actually haven't thought about till yet... even though it totally sense! And special thanks to all the links! Helps a lot!

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