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Discussion on: Have you ever been fired? What happened?

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I worked for many startups in the Silicon Valley where it was typical to have many acquisitions and layoffs that meant we had to look for other work (not related to job performance, just funding issues.) This would happen every two years or so -- you just got used to it. Most of the time I could see the writing on the wall and would get another job before any layoffs. I once commuted to a dual job interview with my boss... that was pretty ironic.

As for an actual "you're fired!" style firing, yes, once, back in the "Just Say No" 80's. Again, not related to my job performance (I was getting stellar reviews every 6 mos.) I was heading to a friend's place out of town for the weekend (after work) and when I left home I threw a joint into my briefcase but forgot to remove it and leave it in my car before going into the office. I accidentally left my briefcase at the building's guard station while looking for my entry badge. They found the briefcase some time later and opened it looking for an ID of the owner and found the contraband... they just said no. In the end this triggered my return to school for a MS in CS so it ended up being a good thing. Getting the next job afterwards was rough as I had to explain this lapse in memory/judgement, not fun. How times have changed...