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re: AWS Keys exposed on URL from photos on my heroku site VIEW POST


I'm not an expert but I think what you are seeing are signed links:

Basically that signature is derived from your AWS Secret Key and the path being requested and stuff like that. This proves to AWS that you have access to the file, WITHOUT actually revealing your AWS Secret Key!

So definitely double check me, but i think that might be what you are seeing!


I think it is what I see. But if I'm not mistaken, I don't think the keys & signature should be exposed in the URL.

I'll take a look at the link.

Thanks, Corey!


Here's another link about signed links as query params, which I believe is what you have!

In general I think only your AWS Secret Key is private and can't be shared. Since the signature here is a single use token derived from it, it's ok!

Whew. I'm relieved. But I'll still look into hiding those on the URL if they're possible. Thanks again, Corey!

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