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Hello this list rocks
Have you ever met or realized a tutorial where PHP OOP beginners are accompanied by the hand from the classes vocabulary to some PURIST OOP STYLE GUIDE

What do I mean

With plenty of PHP OOP tutorials and guides around the web, you become half of an expert for the terms part of the PHP OOP

but then ... they all forget about teaching a little of mentality and good style and practices when thinking and projecting with OOP in mind (for PHP)

Maybe its me that am wrong, but e.g. the typical CRUD tutorial for PHP/MYSQL is usually procedural (and that is good for such a tiny app) BUT in a PHP OOP tutorial,
it would be preparatory to have the chance to see some comparison
I mean see that tiny CRUD app EITHER the procedural way and next its alter ego made with as many classes as possible :-)

For comparison I mean

when you learn that stuff, talking about the above example, as rookie you ask yourself
the PHP OOP PURIST GURU where would place the foreach loop that will output the result of the SELECT query to fill the HTML table?
In which one of the classes? (Given that above I asked ... how many / which will be the classes)

Needless to say that the comparison and the OOP code must teach the PURIST STYLE and so ideally it should be written by some PHO OOP guru/pro

Thank you for reading and thank you for the comprehension
Thank you even more if you may link a well done tutorial that makes the second part that I talk about

which passes from the PHP OOP "vocabulary" to some PHP OOP "grammar" or if you have a link to some PHP OOP oriented very basic app to be used as study field (hopefully NOT part of or based on a PHP framework)

it would make no sense to put classes in action by myself to make practice ... the wrong way, they may work but that is not the point.


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