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Discussion on: Code Reviews Are Awesome, Here Are 7 Reasons Why

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In the first team, one week after I joined I started writting code, before my first commit my team leader started complaining about everything ("Remove this space", "variable must be used more than one time", "this loop is not performant", "this variable name is not good" ...). I through I'll get fired but I stay. Since this time I review my code before each commit. In this team we made review but it was not in the process, it was our personnal initiative (when someone worked on a big feature or had bug).

In the second team we had no quality (no unit-tests) so ...

In the third team (my current one) we "have no time", but I don't make this suggestion because some of my coworker love refactor every line of code they saw. I think it will not be as positive :$