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Discussion on: What tools have you built?

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Connor Tangney

I'll toss my hat in this ring!

When I started with my new employer, one of my first tasks was to develop some new style guidelines for writing JS. For documents like this, I'm a huge fan of writing Markdown right into plain text editors, but not many people like to read Markdown right from a plain text editor. I wanted to be able to export the file to HTML so that it would look all purrrrrrrty when opened up in a browser.

There are a handful of Markdown editors / publishers out there, but where I had just started a position in which I was going to be working with C#, I figured I would take a crack at baking my own tool specifically for writing documentation in Markdown.

It's nothing fancy -- just a Markdown editor with a live-preview of how the HTML will render in a panel to the right. The application allows me to save and open Markdown files, as well as export the Markdown directly to HTML. I also included a few themes which allow me to change the look of the exported HTML using some CSS.

It was a fun little experiment, and honestly, I use it pretty frequently when I need to take some quick notes.