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A Ghost Demo: How to Go Headless with Ghost CMS [Tutorial]

A Ghost Demo: How to Go Headless with Ghost CMS [Tutorial]

As a kid, didn’t you love listening to ghost stories while sitting around a campfire? Some were lame, like Casper; some were kinda’ cool, like Bloody Mary; and some were just downright weird, like Shirime (yeah... I’ll let you look that one up yourself).

All these stories had one thing in common: they connected the listeners, even if for just a brief period of time.

But today, I’m going to use my Ghost demo to teach you how to connect with your readers for a long time. And to do that, we won’t be focused on stories about ghosts (don’t worry, those will be in there too) because we’ll actually be using the ghost itself.

Ghost CMS, that is.

Plus, in keeping with the spooky vibe of this post, let’s make that a Ghost gone headless. More specifically, in this article I am going to:

  • Provide a brief history of Ghost CMS
  • Explain why Ghost is a great tool for bloggers
  • Discuss the benefits of using Ghost as a headless CMS
  • Introduce you to making your Ghost site
  • Create an automated content e-mail to keep your readers in the loop

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