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Well, that is very nice, and we need more people like you in the engineering world, but be careful, not everyone is so kind and positive.

I mention this to add ad bit of realism, not to disappoint.

I was lucky and I always worked in good places and never had any problem, but I have some friends, both guys, and girls, who had problems, and, unfortunately, it is more common to have a problem being a girl, due to, traditionally, engineering and technology were male dominant fields, which is changing, but we are still there.

Think that there are some old styled people out there, so, not always you will receive those positive reactions back, reactions that can be worse and that could be more frustrating if you are a girl.
I hope you are lucky, and never had any issue, but if you receive at some time these negative reactions, let them make you stronger: keep going on, and don't let them steal your positiveness.

All the best, @jessyve !

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