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Linting your Open Source Repository

Have you ever wanted to lint your open source repository for common issues at build time... such as a missing LICENSE, or even absent source license headers? There is a tool built by the TODO Group called repolinter that tackles this problem:

GitHub logo todogroup / repolinter

Open Source Repository Linter

Repo Linter Build Status

Lint open source repositories for common issues.


To run against a directory, add it to the command line npx repolinter /my/code/dir.

To run against a git repository, use the --git option: npx repolinter --git https://my.git.code/awesome.

Note, if you are running a version of npm < 5.2.0, run npm install npx first.

You can also run Repo Linter locally by cloning this repository and running bin/repolinter.js with either a directory of a git repository the same as above. This is useful during development.


To quickly get started, checkout this repository and run npx repolinter against itself.

git clone
npx repolinter
✔ license-file-exists: found (LICENSE)
✔ readme-file-exists: found (
✔ contributing-file-exists: found (CONTRIBUTING)
✔ code-of-conduct-file-exists: found (CODE-OF-CONDUCT)
✔ changelog-file-exists: found (CHANGELOG)
✔ readme-references-license: File contains license
✔ binaries-not-present: Excluded file type doesn't exist (**/*.exe,**/*.dll)
✔ license-detectable-by-licensee: Licensee identified the license for project: Apache License 2.0

It's as simple as running 'npx repolinter' against a repository:

repolinter output

You can decide what rules to run against your repository:

repolinter rules

You can also build custom rules for your project, for example, this pull request added a rule to check for security policies (

If you have ideas for more rules, please contribute them to the project.

Anyways, happy open source linting!

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