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re: Thanks! I use Spacemacs/Emacs as an editor and yasnippet ( as a snippet tool for it, but I don’t use one outside of...

TextExpander does the usual snippet expansion stuff, which is great. But what puts it on another level is that the expansion doesn't have to be static. Instead of plain text, I can tell TextExpander to run a bash script and emit the output. I use this to quickly fetch ticket titles from Jira, parse Velocity template files and emit boilerplate code to call them, etc.

And I'm a recreational cyclist, so I use it to ease the pain of typing the notation for the workouts I sometimes do.

If you're interested in a bit more detail, I did a short write up here on a while back.

Good articles, thanks for sharing! TextExpander is mightier than I thought, seems like a useful tool! 🤔

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