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Black Friday 🔥 Namecheap Deals

Hey fellow developers!


With black friday around the corner, Namecheap is now having some amazing black friday deals.

Personally I have been using Namecheap for quite a while. After using service like godaddy, vodien and more and having encountered many issues, Namecheap is the domain provider that has been the most flexible and reliable.


To view all deals you can go here:


54% off ($5.98/yr)

44% off ($4.98/yr)

21% off ($25.98/yr)

27% off ($10.98/yr)

89% off ($0.98/yr)

97% off ($0.98/yr)

.me - my favorite
90% off ($1.98/yr)

Private Email

Starter - 1 mail box + 5GB of Email + 2GB of File Space
70% off ($3.56/yr)

SSL Certificates

51% off ($2.88/yr)

PositiveSSL Wildcard
71% off ($20.88/yr)

47% off ($6.88/yr)


I hope that sharing this can help some developer launch their own products and projects. Do keep in mind by law some domain names require a ssl certificate to work (.dev, .io).

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