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Discussion on: This is how I turned my old laptop into a server.

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Rafael Cristaldo • Edited on

Nice one! I have done this process many times. But I don't agree with your argument Flavor choice. Ubuntu server is great but centos is smaller than Ubuntu to run into a fewer hardware system laptop like yours.
Another advantage that I consider in a webserver working into the internet border Is that centos come with firewalld and selinux. It's more appropriate to run webserver with more security layers.
Open the port to the internet is open the port to intrusions and transfor your server in a new target and because of this you have to protect your data changing default ports; like 22 to 2222; make redirect with your ISP router; make firewall rules to filter access in and outbound; use fail to ban like a ddos service, etc. Centos is faster, secure and use less space, process and memory.
Nextcloud project is better and more updated than owncloud. I don't recommend using webadmin.
You can install the no-ip service on Linux directly, works like a charm.
Don't use LAMP, install the services you need like MySQL or Postegresql changing the default ports because your server is going to be hosted in a dmz zone. Install Apache or nginx for webserver services and configure.
Take care when opening a door into your private network to the whole internet and don't hesitate with security .

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Matt Lambie

Back in the "old days" when Ubuntu launched, one of the goals of the project was to increase compatibility with laptop hardware. For an older laptop I'd choose Ubuntu.

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Jayesh Waghmare Author

Thanks for suggestions. Regarding CentOS , it is used in public servers since I'm not going public as well as I'm quite familiar with ubuntu and debian I stick to that. Will try to use CentOS once i'm bored with this one lol.
I got the recommendation to use nextcloud will try with that one.
When I mentioned LAMP I didn't knew it was a package. whenever I try to make an http server I install packages manually(mariaDB, php , Apache, phpmyadmin)
Anyways Thankyou for your valuable suggestions will look forward to change ports of ssh,ftp , database server