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Discussion on: What part of conferences or meetups is most important to you?

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Cristina Ruth • Edited

As an organizer, I would like:

  • More reliable count of attendees. Meetup UI encourages people to RSVP yes. I like Facebook events where you can specify your interest to “save” the event.
  • Discoverability to new members is important.
  • Customizable information that I can ask attendees and also a way to export/download them.
  • Mailing list of “interested” event attendees, all “rsvp yes” attendees, all members and all members who have/have not interacted with any of our events for the past 3+ months.
  • Markdown in event description!
  • A more special way to thank sponsors without having to pay extra $$.
  • A way to find a venue for my event. (vs me finding them on my own)

As an attendee:

  • A way to put on my calendar an event I am interested in.
  • A way to filter potential events around me by event type. i.e talks, workshops, panels, hands on, socials etc.
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Eric Author

This so amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond ♥️