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Discussion on: Do you volunteer? Why/why not?

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Cristina Ruth Author • Edited

For me, I created a local tech meetup (Dev Together Madison) catered to help early-career devs and pair them up with mentors for in-person events. I've been organizing it since September 2018 last year and it's been great! 🙂

I also volunteer with TEALS, a Microsoft program designed to help bring computer science to high schools. I go to a local high school's computer science classes and help teach the kids the curriculum while providing perspective around how it applies in the real world and on the job.

I would love to start helping nonprofits around technology help but I'm struggling finding something low-commitment. I also would love to volunteer around helping elderly or around basic human needs (food). It's just hard to peruse through the loads of info online and also free time is something I don't have much of.