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Discussion on: How did you get into programming in the first place?

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Carlos Garcia ★

I've always been a fan of videogames, and I've always liked to read. In Mexico there was this cool magazine called Club Nintendo that, besides talking about the latest games and walkthroughs, had a space for interesting topics related to videogames around the world. Sometimes they would write about very technical stuff (like how the binary system works and how it's used on old videogames).

Since readers were very interested in these topics, one of their editors started a series of HTML tutorials. This was way back when layouts used HTML tables and image maps were all the rage. I didn't have a computer at home, but I would bring my magazines to this small game joint were I used to work and start copying the code from the magazine into the boss' computer. It was like magic seeing simple text being transformed into complicated documents.

From there I went to study computer science with the ultimate goal of becoming a game developer. Something I've yet to achieve, but building web "pages" is still very, very fun.