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Discussion on: WTF is Rust? The Illustrated Notes

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Distributed Hunter Trujillo

One more thing; the toolchain is comprehensive, built-in, and on the vast majority of projects, fully utilized; unit tests and benchmarks are often written in the same file, along with automatically-generated documentation that is not just useful, but centrally-located for all projects ( Rustfmt is extensively used to the point where, any open source contribution will be formatted the same way. It would be as if NPM came with Jest, Prettier, TypeScript, and Webpack all built-in, (AND, critically, all projects actually used them), and it could compile to tiny (by comparison) platform-native targets relatively quickly (though not as quickly as Go). Oh, and if the docs don't do it for you, most projects also come with a pretty comprehensive set of examples. Oh, and the community is weird and wonderful and diverse and awesome and helpful and active and energetic, so, that also helps. They're also not terribly dogmatic, other than, Rust is awesome, and it should be used everywhere. The critical thing is, most people don't really specify "how", since Rust is relatively easy to refactor compared with most other languages, and there's no one way to write amazing Rust.