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Thank you to everyone that's responded. This had much more feedback than I expected.

Just gathering a list here of items to look at:

  • Jekkyl (JS)
  • Gatsby (JS)
  • Zola (Rust)
  • StackBit
  • contentful
  • CosmicJS

Thoughts without in depth look at any of these:

  • I have used Jekyll before I just found it pretty dated but maybe it's worth another look.
  • Gastby I haven't looked at, I'll have to look at.
  • Zola looks great, seems to fit the same pattern I appreciate from Hugo.
  • StackBit looks really cool, I'll check it out for sure, Thanks for mentioning that.
  • Contentful not a fan of relying on hosted code to always be there to support the workflow, but looks nice.
  • It wasn't mentioned but CosmicJS was a headless CMS that can be used as well. I know they post on here as well.