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Burnout doesn't come in a week. It takes years of accumulated frustration piling up. Once you become burn out is already too late. So if you are already burned out, take a sabbatical and consider a new job. I did that and worked for me.

If you think you may become burned out, you need to figure out what is causing it. Maybe is how your company works, maybe are your customers, maybe is a single project that keeps coming back. Seek a way to remove that from your life. In my experience changing the way teams and companies work is impossible, so consider switching jobs if you can't avoid what causes you stress.

Burnout had little to do with coding, and more with how you feeling your work. I am happier when I code than when I am doing management. Time off is also important, but if your work suck you will still feel miserable and depressed. Is rather work on something cool 50 hours a week than do something I hate for 30.

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