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re: TypeScript is actually my favorite programming language, though I miss LINQ. F# is pretty cool, but I'm still learning the ins and outs of it. Wit...

Yea, ImmutableJS has helped fill the gap left by LINQ. But it doesn’t do SQL generation, so I’ve been fine with TypeORM (which is actually pretty stellar).

And you’re right about the Jetbrains.Annotations. They’re basically a must-have.

I've found Jetbrains.Annotations to be a subjective thing. While I love them, as a senior / lead dev on a team, I'd only use them in areas largely maintained by me, not the more shared areas of our codebase. Now as a technology manager, I get to set standards and it's part of the standard I set.

I wasn't aware ImmutableJS did anything beyond help freeze your objects. I love it for that. Does it offer advanced querying capabilities or other capabilities from things like underscore or lodash?

ImmutableJS has Seq<T> which offers you lazy-evaluation so you can write functional chains while reducing the number of iterations (just like LINQ does).

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