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Discussion on: Will you write code after you retire? How will your relationship with our craft change?

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Cubicle Buddha • Edited

That’s interesting that you view it as a job but yet you find time to write articles about your craft. I’m not questioning you, I just find it curious. Would you mind sharing more about this distinction?

Is it perhaps that you like writing as well?

Update: I just read in your bio that you’re an ex-journalist. That’s solved that mystery! :)

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Carolyn Stransky

Valid question! Writing articles is part of my current job, so that's why I've started writing more the past four months or so 😁 In my previous company I was never given the time.

Even as a journalist though I never wrote articles that I wasn't compensated for. That's always been a clear distinction in my mind - but the line certainly gets blurred more often as a dev (especially with community events - like organizing meetups or speaking at conferences).

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Cubicle Buddha

Thank you for the response. That’s very cool. We have such talented, multi-faceted people here. :) I always hear about people’s careers. And the distinction between someone’s career vs. their passion vs. their calling vs. their hobby is always very interesting.

I think the beautiful part about life is that we have time to grow and change.

Personally, I might program after retirement but my main goal is to get a dog! 🐶