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Discussion on: StackOverflow isn't as useful anymore? I use GitHub more often.

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Erick Navarro

I think is because StackOverflow has not been able to keep up with new developers.
Most of the StackOverflow rules are to strict for new developers, by example, you can't ask "how to do something". It has to be 1 question, include your attempt, the problem and what you want.
For one hand, new developer should learn to ask questions properly.
For other, if new developer dont develop thar skill on their own, there should be away to help them.
StackOverflow add a wizard for your first question, is failling for some reason, so is either lack of asking questions skills or bad product it doesnt matter, something has to be done.
I try to answer questions there but in a good week end up answering 1 or 2, have yo vote to close all the others, is sad.