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I remember when the US DoD decreed that everything would now be written in Ada, and then every contractor started filing for exceptions. I remember printouts of project source code on fanfold paper hanging in binders on a rack in the terminal room. I remember disk drives the size of dishwashing machines and CPUs the size of refrigerators. Take that, all you youngsters talking about web-centric things -- Al Gore hadn't even invented the internet yet. 😉


Ah Ada. My university (York, UK) was an Ada centre of excellence.. I never saw anyone ship anything in Ada in 4 years though :)


Hey: we called those project source printouts "backups" at one place I did time at.


The first Unix machine I worked on was a Gould Mini. It was two refrigerator sized cabinets. The 300MB HDD was in one of them and took three people to lift.

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