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Boris Moiseev
Boris Moiseev

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Platform or headless CMS for image heavy site?

I'm an amateur web developer (most of my dev activity is either native software or SPAs) and want to build a couple of image heavy custom portfolio websites. I'd prefer to use Vue and Gridsome/Nuxt static as a site base.

So, there comes a problem: most of the solutions for headless CMS or CMS as a service lack ways to work with multiple heavy images (and noone will wish to ask user to resize their 20+ MP DSLR images by hand). When we talk about using git-based CMS like amazing Forestry or Netlify CMS there is little one could do about using a lot of images with auto resizing and stuff since Github has heavy limits on both Git LFS payload and traffic and Gitlab is being much more liberal in that things but still lacks Git LFS support in API for private repos.

Is there any alternatives? Contentful? Self-hosted strapi or Ghost? Forget about using SSG and just use Wordpress or even ready made platform like Squarespace/Tilda?

Share your experience. Thanks!

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Have you tried ButterCMS? Anytime you upload an image into Butter, we automatically resize and compress that image to be an optimal format and size. What this means is it speeds up your website and there's nothing else you need to do.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited on

Can't you just preprocess the images?

Also, a while ago, I was recommended It also works with S3.

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