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re: Hey, so yeah, I agree that we should apply a brief description of what a Web Monetization provider can unlock when they click the Start button. In ...

then we find it reasonable for Web Monetization provider to activate the Start button.

@itshally — A provider (Coil) doesn't decide to stop/start the stream. The content/site owner decides this by quickly checking and detecting if Web Monetization has started. This should/could be instant if true, rather than making the end user click start. See Start/Stop example.

hello there now @itshally updated web monetization code so basically now I opened our app then I am having coil extension also then I logiedIn also but I don't membership from a coil so I am not able to see content but hally signup for free because hackathon provides that for users and now we added new cards also check view below and once visit our app website
Alt Text
you can check it out what changes we made on the app also or livepreview to thanks for the reply have good day

Nice update, folks. That bit is now working smoothly and I was aurtomatically streaming when I visited the site.

Some messaging when not a member would like be a good next update candidate (I visited on a browser that I don't have the extension installed).

We just realized the mistake that was going on our project after your feedback, that's why I want to say thank you for enlightening us as well 😄

No 'mistakes' or right or wrong, @itshally @krishnadevz. I'm glad that you're experimenting with different techniques. This is all so new — so kudos to you both for taking the plunge.

Thank you have a good day 😊🙏

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