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I have never trusted Microsoft and still don't.

Case in point: in Microsoft Office for Mac, each and every time I fire up any of the products, I get a nag screen, "Share how you use Office" with two choices, Full diagnostic data, or Basic diagnostic data. There is no "opt out" button, only "Learn More" and "Accept" for choices. The "Learn More" just circles back to the same non-choice. As a user experience designer, this is offensive on many levels including interrupting the user with a very selfish and persistent request and not offering the user a way to opt out or even dismiss the nag screen.

I've read articles and comments about this acquisition and still haven't formed an opinion, though from my experience it would be a stretch to accept that this action will result in good things for the open source community. I've been inside Microsoft and I've seen the Dr. Strangelove board where every installed instance of Windows is plotted on a huge world map, including a rather startling amount of personal information about owners of those instances, whether paid or pirated.

I completely abandoned LinkedIn when Microsoft bought it and am about to do the same with GitHub.

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