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I was 15 at that time. I used to chat on a mobile application called mig33 where people can join in a chat room and chat. There were some people who created some software that could log into multiple ids, join a room and flood them with a huge amount of messages! Because at that time mobiles were pretty weak (Talking about the j2me apps) most of the peoples' app will be hanged and crushed 😈They were the gods of those time.
So they used to sell that software and I basically had no money and I asked one for free, and got rejected badly. (There was lots of chat room drama involved).
So I decided that I will finally learn how to code and create my own version of that software. 🐸
That was the beginning, bought a visual basic 6 book from a book reseller. Learned how to code, shamelessly asked for help as much as I can and vollah created my own software 😬

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