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Discussion on: How to mentor developers

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Daniel Irvine 🏳️‍🌈 Author

Hi Benjamin, thanks for commenting! I agree that roles get muddy when teams are involved. For example, mentoring tends to be the first thing that's lost when there's time pressure.

I have some experience of bringing in very experienced people. If I think back to those occasions, I think there needs to be a large degree of self-awareness on their part so they can clearly articulate what they want to learn and what their growth areas are. If that can be done, then it's entirely possible for them to learn from less experience co-workers.

For example, teaching is a great way to learn. So an experienced developer can find opportunities to teach a topic to one or more entry-level developers, as a way to learn themselves.

What are your thoughts on that?

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Benjamin Schandera

Haha you‘re right, Daniel!

I like how writing blog posts is an advise I am hearing from so many different places lately. Must be something about it ;-)

When I was just trying to think of one particular situation, I am not sure if the topic my college worked on is interesting for people outside of our team but it’s definitely worth having a look.

Thank you!