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Discussion on: My Three Strikes Rule for Blogging

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Chris Bongers

Couldn't agree more Shawn, but you know my process.
I'm even the more extremist and have a rule that if I need to google it, I might as well write about it.

About your point about the big posts. I can't even read those to be completely honest.
I just don't have the attention span to read that during my day, however, the quick short, problem-solving articles get my attention.

I also find it often a big bloat of let's mix every problem/solution into one. It's a mess.
It doesn't help me, now I need a guide on how to find my answer in your 8000-word article.

So, I would urge people to slim down and solve problems 🤟

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swyx Author

thanks Chris :) and yeah its gotta be short. honestly this post got a bit too long cos i got too excited. i might trim it down.