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After getting my theatre degree (BFA) in 2010, I basically worked 5 straight years of retail hell. The acting thing was definitely not going to work out for a poor 20-something (although my peers with well-off families had no problem, it just wasn't possible to be out of work for long periods at a time for me, nor would I want to be!)

So I took it on myself to take some career counselling, basically discovering my values and skills and how they could best translate to a new career path - plus I was happy to go back to school!

I almost went with Graphic Design - I discovered I love problem solving, I do have communication and team-oriented skills, I taught myself some simple mark-up in high school when Geocities still reigned supreme. I value travel, and constant learning - anyways all of this lead me to pursue programming!

So now I have 1 term left, I'm almost 30, can't wait to get out of college and into the work force. I'm making apps and learning Ruby on my own time, really really enjoying it! I am in a paid co-op term using Microsoft CRM which I really do NOT enjoy, but it is only temporary and I hope to find something more challenging and code based in my job hunt after school.

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