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Discussion on: One Useful Advice To Fight The Impostor Syndrome

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Dalmo Mendonça

Thanks for that Elena.

I've been thinking a lot about IS, it's been affecting me greatly since I've decided for a career change a few months ago.

A big problem appears when trying to tackle IS by deliberately talking yourself up, and that is Cognitive Dissonance. It's that pain you feel when you say something you don't believe in.

Do you really believe your pet project is that amazing? If you're not convinced yourself, you'll have a hard time trying to convincing others.

I totally agree with you that people believe in what you tell (and show) them, but I'm not so sure it translates back into your own self belief. I hope it does. Those feedback loops should work at some level.

I know that I know nothing, said the greatest man. How do you escape from that? I found Jason's insight above fascinating.

The current thread I'm working on is to really understand what I believe in, backed up by actual work I've done. Then change myself, do more, walk the walk so when I talk the talk CD doesn't kick in.

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