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Discussion on: Git blame should be called git credit

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Damien Cosset Author

I'm not picking a battle here to be honest. I'm just talking about this particular word and having a discussion about it^^ As people mentioned in the comment, curious or annotate and neutral words that I quite enjoy in this context.

I'm not advocating we change every single word in our vocabulary. Especially when it's not my native language. I just think that this case was interesting and I thought a different one was more appropriate. It's not politically correct, I don't feel offended to type blame in my terminal. It's just an interesting conversation ;)

I was aware of the fear of punishment making people behave differently. There is also another one involving a nursery.

  • The nursery closed at 5PM.
  • Parents would then pick up their kids around 5PM, some would be late as it sometimes happens.
  • Researchers then added a penalty system. Parents would get a fine if they were late.
  • Now, parents picked up their kids later than before because they thought they could buy more time now. 15 minutes for 5 dollars for example could be seen as ok for most parents. Before, it was just a matter of not making the nursery staff way too long.

These are fascinating examples anyway. How positive/negative language and reward/punishment affects our behaviors. In this case though, it's not important, but it's always interesting to see the language we choose to use, and why 😄

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Wayne Werner

From a historical perspective, git originally came from Linus Torvalds - I don't know if he's responsible for the blame command, but I am 100% sure that if he is, it was so that he knew who to yell at for screwing up the Linux kernel ;)