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re: Is git the be all and end all of version control? VIEW POST


Curious about what alternatives already exists right now? I've only used git. Is there any other version control system in use today? If there are, what are the differences?

If you could change anything about the way git works right now, what would it be? Looking at the OP, I suppose you would like it to be more beginner-friendly?


There's Mercurial aka hg. I started with it about 7 years ago because git was "too hard". I couldn't find explanations about what "origin" or "HEAD" are and it all looked like a mess. So hg was much better (read: simpler) for me at the time. I don't quite remember the details but eventually I started looking at git and GitHub was also gaining popularity. It never had Mercurial support unlike BitBucket which I think I used back then. I sorted out all the essential knowledge about remotes, refs, commit hashes (instead of monotonically increasing revision numbers in hg) and switched in the end.

I never looked back.

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