Discussion on: What Are Your Career Goals?

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Damien Cosset

This is such a fascinating discussion to have!

I got my first job 5 months ago, and realised recently that I was just cruising along without some sort of a mid or long-term plan. Like the OP said, it's so easy to just think about the work you have to do now and forget the future you want.

I honestly don't know what my career goals are right now. Maybe because my programming career is so young that I do not clearly know what is available. I also don't have enough experience with different things to know which would be good for me. So far, there are two things I know for sure I want:

-Work remotely. No debate, I just love having this freedom.
-Be involved in open source. This one is more abstract right now. But, as a self-taught, the open source community gave me so much. The tools, the librairies, the people... I try and will keep trying to be more involved in the open source community. I believe it will take the form of writing code and helpful tools and librairies for others. But we'll see.

As of now, I'm really focusing on just becoming a better developer. I work with Javascript as my day job. I'm learning Elm outside of it.